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Devon Mason, Nova Scotia, Canada

This futuristic gem is a solid 4 out of 5! The creativity? Totally awesome. But here's the bummer: it's too short! The tantalizing world-building left me yearning for more exploration. Still, a gripping read that leaves you wanting to dive deeper into those fantastic settings. Bring on the extended edition!

Simran, New Delhi, India

This was, hands down, an unputdownable book. Truly magnificent and a magnetic, engaging story with riveting twists and turns. Tagged as a futuristic thriller, I found the storyline to be quite impressive and page turning. This sci-fi novel was highly unpredictable filled with twists and turns that you won't see coming. I'd highly recommend it.

Les Johnstone, Ayr, Scotland

'1984' just met the metaverse! A captivating read, moves at a pace too. Turns the mirror on today's neo-liberal, narcissistic tik-tok-esque generation. AI could be the undoing of humanity as it grapples with tomorrow in the here and now. A great read!

John G, United States, via

The Unravelling is set in our own future world of 2038. The novel follows a low-grade detective and his estranged wife and child, trying to navigate a world beginning to experience impossible systemic technological failures.
In the author’s imagination, artificial intelligence controls and stimulates the masses to hydrate, eat properly, and psychologically balance their abundant minute-by-minute scheduled free time.
Roped into an international crisis of technological disasters caused by a software wizard obsessed with a superstar, the newly assigned detective uses old-school skills to assist in the investigation, uncovering increasingly dangerous AI choices that create a chain reaction out of control.
The Unravelling is a satisfying, frightening extension of our existing world. A cautionary tale of dependence on technology.

Aaron Ryan, Washington State, United States

My, oh, my but this is an amazing book. I really enjoyed it! If you're going to design a sci-fi future, you better be sure that you have a lot of it grounded in reality. This struck me very much along the lines of Marie Lu's Legend series, and that's why I read it. The cover grabbed me, and I judged the book by the cover. But that worked out well, because the cover is awesome, and so is the book. There's the Tesla vs. Ferrari mash-up. The H.I.M. interface. Augmented Reality advertisements sending giant raviolis down to patrons. Gender-changing lifeforms. A global sensation who goes missing. Trooper bikes. Dystopian tension galore. Rampant use and abuse of A.I.. What's not to like here?!?!? A truly sensational read. Glad I picked this one up!

T Bell, Germany, via

This is a fantasy tale that very cleverly interweaves the genres of science fiction and satire, reaching humorous predictions for the future. The plot is fast-paced, filled with technological descriptions, automation and AI. The story is thought-provoking, sending the reader into a world where we could find ourselves in the near future. A novel written by an author with a strong imagination that will hold your attention until the last line.

Nathan Allan, Northumberland, United Kingdom

A thrilling forward thinking piece blending the potential reality of our future and the current trends of our modern social media obsessed society. It is a great science fiction thriller that imagines what artifical intelligence and future technology could bring to a futuristic world or a futuristic society.

Ian Cannon, United States, via

This book masterfully weaves a gripping narrative of a world on the brink, where the audacious plan of a disillusioned English boy sets the stage for a relentless global conspiracy. Joe Jones, a weary New York cop, becomes the beacon of determination in this enthralling tale, navigating a treacherous path to save his family and protect the enigmatic pop star, Suki. The boundaries of technology, morality, and the human condition blur, delivering a riveting story of sacrifice, resilience, and the extraordinary lengths one man is willing to go for the survival of humanity

Simone Vonn, United States, via

It combines thrilling predictions with a classic hero's journey of redemption and family love. A thought-provoking and entertaining read, offering a glimpse into a possible futuristic society.

Cesare B, Italy, via

A great beach read!

Strong characters with great back stories. Highly immersive in the technology and what we are doing 15 years from now. It’s humorous, tongue-in-cheek and satirical in parts within a twisting story arc.
Nice book :)

Haleemah Begum, United Kingdom, via

"The Unravelling" is a spellbinding exploration of a dystopian future that feels eerily close yet intensely distant. Set in the tumultuous year of 2038, the narrative weaves a tapestry of chaos, conspiracies, and the enduring resilience of the human spirit.
The plot is meticulously crafted, with twists and revelations that keep you on the edge of your seat. "The Unravelling" is not just a dystopian thriller; it's a profound exploration of humanity's capacity for chaos and redemption. A must-read for those who crave a thought-provoking and gripping narrative that transcends the genre.

Tony Robertson, Newcastle, United Kingdom

An amazing vision of what the future could be - this has elements of Blade Runner with more satire and less rain. Artificial intelligence meets future technology and imagines an amazing futuristic world full of surprises. What a debut novel, I could easily see this being adapted by Netflix or someone for TV or a Movie. Make it happen!

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