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Reviewer Policy

Thanks for Agreeing to be a Reviewer

Real people's opinions carry a huge amount of gravitas these days. Bots can 'pretend' that anything is amazing. Even our crime audio book or books about AI fiction.

Thats's why I've advertsied for reviewers. People that I know. Here's what you need to do......

1) You will receive a free PDF copy of "The Unravelling". Please do not reproduce this online or post it anywhere as it is subject to my copyright.

2) Please contact me within 1 month of receipt, with your review and a * rating out of 5.

3) I will publish the following;

a) Your Name and Rough Location (Country & State, not address)

b) Your * rating out of 5 (1 being worst, 5 being BEST)

c) Some or ALL of your review (up to 50 words)

.......and that's it! No hidden catches, no spam, just genuine thanks from a friend xx

Our crime thriller fiction book gives a glimpse of what artifical intelligence and future technology can bring to a futuristic society - we hope you enjoyed our vision of a futuristic world.

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