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In the year 2038, a disillusioned English boy's audacious plan to save his beloved Asian pop star collides with a weary New York cop's pursuit of an unfathomable global conspiracy, as humanity balances on the razor's edge between AI-governed order and lawless urban chaos. As unprecedented system failures plunge the world into turmoil, Joe Jones races against time to unravel the deceit behind apocalyptic threats and protect those he loves, revealing the delicate intersection of human vulnerability and technological dominance.

"The Unravelling" Paperback

SKU: U002
  • In the not-so-distant year of 2038, a world on the precipice of chaos is divided into two stark realms: the meticulously governed suburbs, where AI reigns supreme, and the lawless, untamed urban wastelands that sprawl beyond. It is within this fragile equilibrium that the fate of humanity hangs by a thread.

    At the heart of this compelling futuristic thriller lies an audacious plan conceived by a disillusioned English boy. His objective: to rescue the luminous Asian pop star, Suki, from the clutches of a world defined by its horrors. Yet, destiny has a different script in mind—one that draws a weary New York cop, into the vortex of an incomprehensible global conspiracy.

    A wave of unprecedented system failures ripples across the fabric of civilization, from the once-reliable driverless vehicles to the volatile fluctuations of the stock market. Amid this mayhem, a singular figure emerges—Joe Jones—tasked with deciphering the intricate web of sabotage and deceit that now engulfs the world. As chaos tightens its grip and uncertainty becomes the norm, Joe races against time.

    His mission is twofold: to save his estranged family from the chaos that threatens to engulf them and to protect the enigmatic pop star, Suki, who harbors secrets that could alter the course of humanity. As he delves deeper into the labyrinthine conspiracy, Joe must uncover the truth behind the British boy's audacious actions—a truth that carries the spectre of apocalyptic consequences.

    In a relentless pursuit through a landscape where technology and human vulnerability intertwine, Joe navigates a treacherous path. With stakes higher than ever and the survival of humanity hanging in the balance, he must confront the very essence of the human spirit. Will Joe Jones succeed in thwarting a sinister plot that has the power to extinguish mankind? Can he unveil the hidden truths before they plunge the world into darkness?

    "The Unravelling” drives forward with a gripping and resonant narrative, as it delves into the heart of a world teetering between order and chaos. As humanity grapples with the consequences of its own creations, Joe Jones stands as a beacon of determination, resilience, and sacrifice. In this enthralling tale, the boundaries of technology, morality, and the human condition blur, revealing the extraordinary lengths one man is willing to traverse to safeguard the ones he cherishes and prevent the annihilation of a world on the brink.

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