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In the year 2038, a disillusioned English boy's audacious plan to save his beloved Asian pop star collides with a weary New York cop's pursuit of an unfathomable global conspiracy, as humanity balances on the razor's edge between AI-governed order and lawless urban chaos. As unprecedented system failures plunge the world into turmoil, Joe Jones races against time to unravel the deceit behind apocalyptic threats and protect those he loves, revealing the delicate intersection of human vulnerability and technological dominance. Dive into this professionally narrated audio book that is part science fiction and AI conspiracy, and part crime thriller all about urban chaos and technological collapse.

"The Unravelling" - Crime Audio Book

SKU: U004
  • Narrated by Rory Young - Rory is a professional voice actor from Nova Scotia, Canada with over 150 audio books in his stable.

    Instant Direct Download - WinZip file containing all mp3 files for each Chapter. FREE pdf accompaniment on request.

    Compatibilty - Fully usable with all free e-reader apps such as "BookPlayer" or "Overdrive".

    Quality Guarantee - Files are the exact same as hosted on Audible / Spotify / other Audio Book retailers.

  • There are many free e-readers out there. Here is an option for you to try but please do your own research.

    Help with installing and using the Overdrive app.

    You can read Audio Downloads from "The Unravelling" on most devices including, Windows PCs and laptops, Apple Macs, smartphones and tablets.

    • Download and install the free app, OverDrive, from
    • On the first occasion you open the app, you will be prompted to create a free 'OverDrive account'. 
    • From this point, simply press 'Download' when you've made an Audio Download purchase from "The Unravelling" using your device (find where you downloaded the files first!), and your chosen title will open automatically within the app.

    Where can I get more help with Overdrive?

    If you encounter any problems using Overdrive, please visit for assistance.

    [Other options available, we are NOT affiliated with Overdrive in any way and this is NOT an edorsement]

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