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We Compare the Apple Headset vs Ray-Ban Meta vs "The Rig" in The Unravelling. Which one Wins?

The new Apple Headset - the "Vision Pro" has been released this week to much fan fare. It has a lot of similarities to "The Rig" which features heavily in fresh new futuristic thriller "The Unravelling". Let's see how Apple's ground breaking device compares to our vision of the future of communications - and the device that will be the death of the smartphone.

We've also long espoused the beauty of the Ray-Ban Meta glasses that have been released this year, but their functionality is different, no AR, no apps, just integrated voice texts, music and of course photo and video on command aligned with your very POV. Let's add this to the comparison.

Check out the Top4 features and let's see which one YOU would buy.........

1.Form Factor

Apple's Vision Pro comes in as a full size set of face goggles, with back strap and over head strap. It's heavy, and your eyes are encased in plastic.

Ray-Ban Meta are only 1 or 2 form factors, but they look and feel like 'normal' glasses and are ideal as sunglasses or regular prescription lenses. Light, no battery pack, but do have a charging case.

The "G-Glasses" or "The Rig" in the novel 'The Unravelling" are as light as a regular pair of glasses. As this novel is set 15 years into the future, wireless electricity is a 'thing' so there is not need to charge or carry around heavy batteries.

Apple Vision Pro - 3/10

Ray-Ban Meta - 8/10

The Rig - 9/10

2. Functionality

Apple's Vision Pro has an imressive set of apps, and ready-to-go partnerships with the likes of the NBA to produce really immersive AR experiences that enhance your world. Multi-tasking is fully enabled, watch, stream, see, talk - all at the same time!

The Ray-Ban Meta glasses are somewhat limited here. You can dictate a voice text, very cool, but you can't hear it spoken back (yet!) - so if you get into a back and forth convo you can talk and then you have to look at your phone to read the incoming. Music is great though, and the star if the camera, pictures and video on demand for today's content heavy world.

"The Rig" in "The Unravelling" can do everything both devices deliver above, and more. With an in-built AI assistant working to your every command, it is your only source of connectivity that you need - it can even pay your bills for you.

Apple Vision Pro - 7/10

Ray-Ban Meta - 4/10

The Rig - 10/10

3. Applications & Integrations

Apple's Vision Pro has a host of applications all ready out of the box. Itis impressive, and likely there will be more to come as Apple do a great job of enabling and monetising developers.

Ray-Ban Meta is somewhat limited. They have a great tie-in with Spotify, which gives you voice controlled features no available with other music streaming platforms. It can dictate your messages via whatsapp and send them, but not yet read them back to you. Work to do.

"The Rig" is connected to literally everything. Have a Dunkin' Donuts account? Just say your order, and your AI assistant inside your Rig can order ahead for you, send haptic directions to your shoes, complete the payment, and all you have to do is show up and collect.

Apple Vision Pro - 6/10

Ray-Ban Meta - 3/10

The Rig - 10/10

4. Pricing & Accessories

Apple's Vision Pro is an eye watering $3,499 and that's for the base model. Expect a range of accessories, and for the price stay high in future releases as pressure is put on size and battery life which won't make it cheaper any time sooner.

Ray-Ban Meta are an affordable $329 in the US, and are a similar price in GBP here in the UK (grrrr) which actually makes them 20% more expensive. Pricey for a pair of glasses or sunglasses, but are the limited fetaure set which is sure to grow worth it in 2024?

"The Rig" or "G-Glasses" is an imagined product by Google. Though the price is not specifically metioned, the novel does talk about the frames being only a "few hundred bucks" - it seems the monthly subscription for your "HIM" or AI Assistant is what costs the real $. Expect to see a hefty monthly price more than current fibre/broadband packages when this does come to life.

Apple Vision Pro - 2/10

Ray-Ban Meta - 7/10

The Rig - 8/10


BRONZE: "Apple Vision Pro" - 18/40 - heavy, restrictive and very very expensive.

SILVER: "Ray-Ban Meta" - 22/40 - stylish, light, yet limited.

GOLD: "The Rig" - 37/40 - The ULTIMATE communication tool, in our opinion 2038 cannot come soon enough to get one of these!

Want to find out more - check out fresh new futuristic thriller "The Unravelling" in a bookstore near you. Filled with lots of high-tech suprises and premonitions like "The Rig" - the crime and mystery story wrapped into a future dystopian world is a great read, wherever you are and however you like to read.

Me = sun lounger & swimming pool!!

How do YOU like to read?

Speak soon!


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